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Welcome to the updated Southern Railways Group Website.

Back in 1999 I was asked to develop a website for the Southern Railways Group to provide an on-line presence for the group and to advertise the products of the then newly acquired Phoenix range of 4mm scale kits and accessories for modellers. Since then the website has been expanded and the eSRG forum has been opened to members of the SRG to further enhance the groups aims of discussion, study and the dissemination of information about the Southern Railway the constituent companies and British Railways (Southern Region). It is pleasing that the original concept has lasted as long as it has, but with the ever evolving changes of web design and style, technologies and peoples browsing habits it is fair to say that the website now looks dated and a major overhaul was called for.

The new SRG website has been designed with several points in mind:

  • Maintain the same look and feel of the original site, but to modernise the appearance whilst retaining the original "poster board" concept.
  • Increase the portability across browsers and devices, including mobile devices. This includes catering for older browsers as well as encompassing some of the features introduced in newer web technologies such as HTML5.
  • Keep the website as "light weight" as possible to provide users viewing the site on low speed connections including portable and mobile devices with the best possible experience of the SRG website.
  • Provide a consistent look and feel across pages regardless of content, browser or device.

In developing the new website we have attempted to match the colours used by the railway companies for their notice boards and provide a typical complementary infrastructure colour for the background. The matching of colours for screen based reproduction is at best imprecise as different screens often display colours differently, however it is hoped that a strong impression of the colours used is conveyed when viewing these pages.

The underlying look and feel of the new website was developed earlier in the year and has undergone a period of testing. A recent web server migration at our hosting provider has provided the impetus to start the process of updating the existing content on the public site, starting with the home page, to the new style. Please bear with us as the updates progress, during which time both old and new style pages will be seen when browsing around.

I hope you like the new web pages
Chris Harvey

This page reviewed on 16th January 2015

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